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Welcome to Trade Net Wealth! A Wealth Managerial brand of it’s own with total assets under management worth over 1000 cores, a network of 12 branches and 17 channel partners spread across Maharashtra & Karnataka.

And with an investor base of over 20,000 spread across retail, HNI, professionals, corporate and banks; we are among the first 3 business partners of MOSL in India and the preferred distribution partners for all mutual funds. Our journey thus far has been an eventful one, seeding from a humble beginning.

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We provide customized financial planning solutions.


Equity Trading

Equities as an asset class provide you the dual advantage of protecting your wealth from inflation along with enhancing your purchasing power.

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Commodity Trading

Commodity trading brings a basket full of diverse avenues for investment, away from the traditional avenues of equity, bonds and real estate.

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Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management Services offers professional management of your investments with an aim to deliver consistent returns.

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Mutual Fund Distribution

Mutual funds are ideal for investors who want to invest in various kinds of schemes with different investment objectives but do not have sufficient time and expertise to pick winning stocks.

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The primary market provides investors, the opportunity to buy shares at a reasonable price prior to its listing price. Additionally, retail investors also enjoy discounted rates while applying for IPOs.

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Depository Services

Depository services are services in which the securities of investors are kept in an electronic form just as bank keeps all your cash in its account.

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Investment Advisory

An Investment advisory, in financial/investment organizations, is the unit linking the investment professionals in the central asset management unit.

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Currency Trading

A currency in the most specific sense is money in any form when in use or circulation as a medium of exchange, especially circulating banknotes and coins.

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In finance, a derivative is a contract that derives its value from the performance of an underlying entity.

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